Jake (confused415) wrote,

Ive got it bad

Ive got it bad for that one guy because for some reason thats all i can think about. and i dont know why. I really like him. i really want to be with him. I really want him to want to be with me. I just want everything to work out and i believe in that fate shit but fate shit just needs to work right this time and give me what i want and what i want is him. i want him!

Im also really stressed because i guess someone told my dad tha im liveing at Nikis. IM not mad at that because hell if he wanted to know, if he cared hed call here. I guess he also said if he should worried about me, fuck im his oldestest son he should always be worried about me so whats me not living at home matter, if i wasnt living at home in the first place, my mailing address is still mailed to Harrison Twp. Im just afraid he'll take away insurance or child support and i need the money and the insusrance to get me through life and beuaty school. Im calling today though because its my lil brothers birthday and i need to talk to my dad. I make sure i call atleast once a month!

So i got the letter in the mail orrientation is febuary 1, so im going of course! but school starts on febuary 8. so which means ill most likely have school the day after valentines day because thats a tuesday and i ahve school on tuesdays. I was hoping to have a romantic evening with my valentine, the guy that i rant and rave about. i could take that day off of school but its my second week, should i do that.

IM just so scared everythings not going to work out, i know it will because im determined and i want it so bad. but what if it doesnt. i dont want to be a loser. im so afraid im going to be that it makes me sick to my stomache. I dont know. whatever!
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