Jake (confused415) wrote,

thats hott

the simple life premiere was one tonite, and it was fucking hott...it warped me in. im not even kidding. im like Paris and Nicole. and ive got a fucking idea for the new simple life as well... simple life 4: not so simple after all...me and niki go to LA and they teach us how to be rich. omg that would be hott...living 30 days like them. i could see it now. we'd get along so well with NIcole and Paris. and we'd be so good of friends.

so i had so much to say. oh yea he loves me so he said thursday, but friday he said he just wants to be friends so confused just have to get enough balls to say something to him, more than what i already have. because i dont want to loose him ya know. yea i know P.W.! i hate it but love it. ive written a poem, when i get it back, im gonna dedicate a whole entry to it, basically because its a page and a half (front and back). i might see him saturday all depending on if im going to leave my friends early or not, itd be cheaper to just see dave, i know that! i dont know though. i think ill either make dave pick me up from there...or beg him to come so i can just go home with him because hes out of state until saturday morning, on important business.

im lonely but i need to learn to just have fun. because im falling, and im falling hard. and hes not showing anything in return. he says it, and i dont. but i show i care, he doesnt, he says he cares, and i do, but he says it in more meaningful words, well said it once officially..a couple times in so many words. i dont know. boys are confusing. they make me confused.
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