Jake (confused415) wrote,

make love to me

I want to make love to you,
and you make love to me.
carry me from the door,
to your bed.
Press your soft lips against mine.
Take those lips and run them passionately down my body,
marking your territory along the way.
Kiss my Hips,
and run your toungue along the bones .
make me go wild,
make me scream your name.

Make love to me,
Cause im making love to you,
have your way with me,
Say those powerful words,
make me feel them,
and mean them.
Make our sweaty bodies one,
so close impossible to let go.
GIve me so much love,
it drains the life outta me.
We're together,
and we could never part.
As i fall asleep,
my head against your heart.
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