Jake (confused415) wrote,

so the internet was down yesterday and i was going nuts, like its sick on how much i rely on this machine. but whatever ive got it back and im happy. and believe it or not, i wasnt a loser yesterday i didnt just ist on my ass i went out with Lisa and we went grocery shopping. then we went Job hunting and i got like fucking 12 apps, i need to fill them out and if i dont get a fucking job, im going to piss on America.

So alittle less confusion which made me more confused. I dont know he made a very valid point. like if he wanted to be jsut friends well then why would he be taking me out for valentines day...good point. then fucking make the committment, atleast admit your seeing me, so i have reason to trust you. i cant even trust him, because we're "just friends" im not fucking dating anyone, and how do i know hes not ya know. he says hes not but im fucked up and dont trust anything anyone says until they give me reason to. is that fucked up or what?
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