Jake (confused415) wrote,

fucking amazing

ok so Chantals home for the next 10 days and im so excited. like she is my everything and she is back to do anything with me for fucking 10 days. i cant wait to spend the next rest of her time here with her. dennys tomorrow. at 8 and im so there.

So saw dave, it was really nice. hes a kool kat. and the best part is he knows it. its all good though hunn, its not a bad thing. the even even better part is he said he was coming up there and not getting ready, and he looked amazing, i wanna see how he looks once he gets ready. dont worry...no offense...but never. oh and then the best thing that had to do with dave. you know what im tlaking about, and if not thats fine becaues it might come out bad. I saw a pic of someone, a lovey dovey pic and i realized i dont wanna be there, ever again with that person. not that their a bad person...well...i just dont wanna go there. but i had to look at it a second time because im not jealous, which made me so so happy.

I saw alicia, and for some reason, good or bad, who knows so open with that girl. i was talking about my rimming experiences. talk about being open with somoene right...!

Shannon saw that bitch too and fucking we are gonna hang out for sure. sometime soon.

dave also told me that everyone can read my journal, you dont have to be a friend, but you have to be a friend to comment, not indended. but since you all already know everything about him. im kinda upset but have no room to be. we were suposed to see each other after i was done with my friends. then he got sick. he was getting better and i still wanted to see him. well called him 3 times from chantals fone. first time he answered said hed call back, he was busy driving in the country (problee on his way back), i didnt even have time to ask if he were ok. next two times, he didnt answer. 3rd time i left a mesage saying what i was doing, where i was and to come visit me. meet my friends ya know. well he never called back and never showed. i can understand though it wasnt my fone and he doesnt know chantal. i just get worried. and i think i get more worried without me being able to say hes my boyfriend, and not doing anything but no, not mmy boyfriend and although he says hes not, in my sick and twisted head he could be fucking everyone and their father.

so yea plan on spending all the time in the world with chantal... cant wait. ive got orrientation on tuesday.
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