Jake (confused415) wrote,

i had the most horrifying, eye opening road trip but at the same time i LOVED every second of it, it was so foggy, we got lost a couple times, and then got caught in a snow bank. and i also met someone i never knew...this relaly beautiful sole. like its weird because ive known him for like 5 years when i worked at pappys pizza, but really i just met him like really just met him. and the funnie thing is this kid so gosh darn gorgeous, that my attempt to get to know him, made everyone think i wanted to fuck him...wrong idea people. i just thought he was a great person, we think alike, and i think hes just really kewl. i think thats totally funnie though. totally funnie...omg. anyways i havent been to sleep in 24 hours so im going to sleep right now and then i will for sure be back later. because its me you know ill be back. and i will tell the saga of cold water..dun dun dun.!
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