Jake (confused415) wrote,

orrientation in just a quick hour away, and guess what, my clothes are just now in the dryer...yea typical Jake, right. and and i didnt even wash the right pair of pants that i wanted to. thats fucking plain out retarted. but yea what the hell do you expect. ok so orrientation is today im so scared, i skipped out on it last time, but this time i cant i gotta go to school i gotta get my life together that typa thing ya know. well i just dont want to. i hate new enviorment, the arts academy, was mine so to say, i did anything i wanted to, everybody knew me, and they all..i dont know... like me and rob were the couple everyone new about even though we werent a couple. we were the obnoxious high school love, fighting and yelling and loving the next ten minutes, and now we're both gone. hey whats new lol. anyways change is good right... its just scary. im scared...ahh!
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