Jake (confused415) wrote,

ok just got off the fone with chantal, fucking best woman in the world, you see us in the icon, we're fucking hott. thats right girl we're a couple of hotties. i miss her so much and i love talking to her, everytime i get off the fone with her a smiled is stained on my face for like 3 days. its marvelous. whatever though she loves me too, and thats the best part is i know it...!

oh so me and Joe we're gonna get a place together, like mandatory. i want one with him so bad and i know it'll work out for sure. hes like one of the best as well. him and chantal are like my matches. i dont fight with them (couldnt even imagine)....and the weird part is im like a couple with both of them, but at the same time im not, i could never be that way with joe (no offense), but chantal on the other hand, marry that bitch, ill be waiting at the end of the isle. oh i got Joe hooked on Paris and Nicole as well, hes realized how great they are. he knows good and bad.

so today in school was pedicure day. it took me til the last hour to be able to get one. i ahte my feet. i still have to get up enough penis to get one though, i need to do atleast one to get on the floor. i love school. i really like it. and ive grown on these girls Andrea and Kady, and all the bitches in there love me. ive been flirting with this guy Jason hes kewl. and ive been crushin on some other blonde hottie. Alexa, Will and this girl Katie we met have also made it way quite exciting. its fabulous. i dont go to break on my breaks i go on John, Alexa and Katies breaks thats whats funnie. its great. Love it.

X_zero_reality whats your name so i can mention you in here to? i had some things to say about you earlier, of course i forgot, but hey shoot me.

Chatal love ya biotch!
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