Jake (confused415) wrote,

You can decipher the truth with only the greatest perception.
The drama takes over every thought,
It seems that these days truth needs to be bought.

Every waking moment I curse,
For my frustration with “them” only gets worse.
Stupid bitches, wasting time in their youth,
Is it really that hard for them to just tell the truth?

Lives are wasted; friends are lost,
Do you see how much these “simple” lies cost?
People don’t see the hurt caused by just one lie,
But one lie may make someone go home and cry.

Nobody with a heart could ever do this to a friend,
But someone I know did, and our friendship came to an end.
Don’t do this to someone you love or care about,
Keep your life on track; pick the honest route.

Everyday I put up with liars and their crap,
Its people like them who give teens a bad rap.
If only there were some way they could see,
The horrible people they look like to me.
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