Jake (confused415) wrote,

this weekend, ahh this weekend. rough, long and exhausting, but very eye opening. i talked alot with alexa and will, and then when i got home i went over the couple days with chantal, and frankly, to be honest i was too honest. i wore my heart on my shoulder. i think i was too honest, if im too honest, im smothering, i told everyone that if i smother them, to tell me, but what if they dont want to tell me? afraid of hurting my feelings. i dont know. i dont get it. i dont know what i did. i dont understand. and i wish i knew all of it. im annoying myself, so i had to be annoying everyone else this weekend. yea whatever. i know people get sick of me. nobody has to say it. im what they say, one of those people you can take in small dozes...!
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