Jake (confused415) wrote,

i went and stayed the nite with a couple friends of mine, they are a couple, and im really comfortable with them. well it was really niice i had a really rough, eye opening weekend, as you all know, i did shit i do regret, i said shit i regret, and i do not regret anything. it made me realize alot of things about myself i need to change. D and A, talked to me, and knocked alotta sense into me. i needed to get away thats why i was away for 4 days,a nd then when i got home last nite nobody was here, so i needed to go out for another nite. and thanks to them, they made me not so depressed anymore. i really need to snap outta this shit, this depression shit. im a good guy and i can say that. ive got a good heart, and i know that. alot of people make mistakes and they learn from them, and im one of those people, thats why i dont get down on myself </i>usually when i make mistakes because i learn from them. and i know right from wrong. i really do believe it or not! im really proud of myself.

yea so i just got in trouble i totally forgot about monday dinners and grammys. i feel really horrible. my mother just called and yelled at me!!

Chantal nobody could ever ever ever ever in a bigillion years!
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