Jake (confused415) wrote,

Terri Shiavo

ok ive been following the story on CNN for like 3 weeks during the debate of the feeding tube, after they took it out and up to her death, and her husband has never mad his self look like a good guy or even love her.
did you know that hes had another girlfriend for 10 years, and 2 kids. and did you know that micheal shiavo let her family in the room with him 15 minutes before she died but right before she passed he made them get out...wtf!
Now come on people this is a womans family she needs them and they need to be with her in that time. i dont know what his grudge was against they but thats inhuman. and he said that he would have let them in if they said sorry. well im sorry prick face this isnt about you your wifes dying in a bed, right next to you...and your worried about some grudge. he should've just signed over rights and went to be with his girlfriend and kids. because like dave said whoever can stay without food for 13 days or so is obviously fighting for something, let the girl fight...he wasnt paying for anything!
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