Jake (confused415) wrote,

   so im back in harrison twp. this shits crazy. everythings crazy.  i dont even know what im doing right now. im happy. though. im really happy. 


       ya know 2 weeks ago. i was a fucking mess.  ya know with my aunt screwing me over, and my moms boyfriend screwing us all over.  i was just so unhappy. and then someone wonderful comes into my life...and im just so happy about it. and im not happy about him, even though i am. im happy about the fact  that he made me realize that i need to just keep going. ya know. im the type that just needs a little kick. chantals done it, nikis done it, samanthas done it, todd and jeremy. i just need that kick when things are down...so that i come around.

      so it was a big blow to my ego going frm paying my own bills, doing it all right, to having to come back to my moms house, and it wasnt even my fault. the fact that my aunt screwed me over and was taking my money totally fucked with my head....big time. also this last year...ive taken steps back. ive totally taken a look at who my real friends are.... and i cut out alot of people of my life....or let them grow out. i have alotta great memories with alotta people but i couldnt be the only one holding us together, or strung along by promises that friends have made. it just to me seems very stupid.


    ive  also gotten close with alotta people that i wouldnt normally get close with. my cousin on my dads side. both my sisters.  i dont know.  i dont even know over all how im acctually doing.

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