Jake (confused415) wrote,

 so was ok. work is work i guess. whatever. i kinda really like it acctually. but anyways....

  so dakota fanning... the next big thing... why doesnt anyone make more of a big deal about her? i absolutely adore her. who doesnt though.

 so this all is just a distraction to take me away frm my own depressing yet fascinating life.  ya know i ahve a really great guy im dating right now, and im trying to be happy...but with my record, i cant. i kinda hate men. but love them kinda thing. i love love them but hate hate them. he seems like a great guy but dont they all. ya know im so interested in guys, but i cant help it. im all about the falling in love, but i always find a reason to not be. i always find a fault...and make it way worse, if i dont choose the crack head over the good guy. my theory is if i already know they're flaws, when i find out one, or all of them...then im not surprised or hurt in the end... is that fucked up?
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